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Recycled Rubber Tire Roofing

September 5, 2013 by Jam Roofing

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Recycled Rubber Tire Roofing

At Jam Roofing of Medford, Oregon, we take pride in our proficiency and knowledge in installing custom roofing systems for our customers. We also take pleasure in our mission to offer homeowners, not only quality materials and installation, but roofing systems that promote a clean and eco friendly environment. As technology continues to improve, we find ourselves in an ever changing business model of recycled ‘this’ and solar powered “that.” This movement is what promotes efficiency and keeps landfills from eventually overtaking the earth. It’s exciting to be apart of the roofing business as entrepreneurs and inventors find new ways of protecting the earth’s resources, and reusing what we would normally throw out.

Recycled rubber tire roofing isn’t necessarily a new product on the market. It’s been around for over a decade but chances are, you’ve probably just recently heard about it (If you’ve heard about it at all). Rubber tire roofing throughout the last few years has made leaps and bounds in relation to its size, weight, efficiency, and therefore price. The proprietary blend by a Canadian company has created a movement towards reducing the amount of tires that are stockpiling our landfills, and therefore doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint throughout the process.

Euroshield, a large manufacturer of rubber tire roofing is based out of Calgary, Canada. They invested years of research in creating their unique formula containing approximately 95% recycled materials. This blend, creating the Euroshield synthetic roofing product, includes roughly 600 to 1000 rubber tires per average sized roof. Euroshield manufacture’s four types of Eco-friendly roofing systems: EuroLite Slate, EuroLite Shake, EuroSlate and EuroShake. Their latest development, the EuroLite Shake was launched in January 2012 and is a thinner and lighter version of the EuroShake product, but at a reduced price point.

All of the Euroshield products come with a limited lifetime warranty and come with a 50-year non-prorated coverage warranty, which protects against manufacturer defects.  As a certified installer of Euroshield products, we are always asked about their fire rating. Euroshield comes with a class C fire rating but can be brought to a Class A rating when fire resistant sheeting is laid.

Doesn’t it seem that most of the products that are ‘green,’ ‘eco-friendly’, and/or ‘recycled’ usually have their drawbacks? They tend to look a bit different and always come with a higher price tag. It seems counterintuitive that recycled products should cost more, but that’s only because it’s not the product that’s expensive it’s the process. I will say that although the Euroshield products do cost a bit more than your average composition shingle, the design and style of the product when on a roof is truly eye-catching. If you need a roof for your home, I encourage you to consider this product. You’re sure to be one of the only ones in your neighborhood with it on, but not for long…

For more information regarding recycled rubber tire roofing, email me at contact@jamroofing.com or check out our website at www.jamroofing.com for more pictures!

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